Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Below are links to several video tutorials created by PACE staff to help you navigate MyPACE, our online platform.

Online Enrollment Video

This video provides a step-by-step explanation of enrolling online.

MyPACE Login Video

After your enrollment is complete, use this video to learn how to login to MyPACE and receive a brief review of what is available within the system.

Submit Reimbursement Requests Video

This video shows you how to submit a reimbursement request  in order to receive reimbursement.

Submit Quarter Grades Video  or How To-Entering Grades

At the end of each quarter, parents would use this video or PDF for help when submit grades for each class the student is in. 

Work Samples

Each semester, PACE families submit work samples.  Learn more about that by watching this video.

Check Allotment Video

Do you want to check your child’s allotment? Watch this to learn how to check it through MyPACE.