The PACE Advantage

Advantages of PACE

High Allotment

We reimburse educational expenses at a much higher rate than other homeschool programs.

High Staff Ratio

Need help with homeschooling? We have teachers on hand in many parts of Alaska who can help.

No Cost

Enrolling in PACE homeschool is free for Alaska residents.


We subscribe to a number of educational options and help you pick the right ones for your family.


We have many group activities and events so you meet other homeschool families.

What Students Love

Your Pace
Some of our students finish a full day of schoolwork in only a couple hours leaving more time for the stuff you love.

Your Journey
Interested in robotics? There is a homeschool course for that. Baking? That too. Let your passion guide your education.

Your Responsibility
Homeschool empowers you to be in charge and responsible for your learning.

Your Freedom
No running to the bus or starting to learn when the bell rings. Learn at the times that work best for you.

What Parents Love

Your Guidance
Don’t be left wondering what goes on in school. At PACE, you help set the curriculum and the values.

Your Pride
Watching your child’s “ah-ha” moments come to life is one of the greatest joys of homeschool.

Your Freedom
Want to beat the holiday rush to Hawaii? With PACE Homeschool, you can! Homeschool can happen anytime and in any state.

Your Time Back
Who wants to spend time doing paperwork? We make reimbursements quick and easy.

PACE Homeschool is one-to-one learning

As your child’s teacher, you can ensure that basic skills are mastered before moving on to more advanced concepts. You can ensure that genuine learning is taking place. Homeschooling is personalized learning.

PACE Homeschool is tailored to your child’s needs

You are able to better assess your child’s strengths, weaknesses, learning styles, and interests. You can customize your child’s education to focus on those areas. This results in a highly motivated child who develops a love for learning.

PACE Homeschool provides a safe learning environment

Learning at home allows you to teach your personal values and beliefs without outside influences.  You are able to guide your child’s social and emotional growth.  You can create the learning environment that best fits your child’s needs.

PACE Homeschool keeps students engaged

With your guidance, your child will put in more consistent effort toward learning. Also, your child will not lose time on what they have already mastered. With a tailored learning plan, your child can learn the necessary skills and concepts at their own pace.

The PACE Homeschool Advantage

We pride ourselves on providing Personalized Academic Choices in Education.

We empower families to provide an individualized, quality education.


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