PACE is a public school in the Craig School District. Enrollment is free and open to the public. PLUS An allotment is provided for each child.

How does allotment funding work?
PACE pays for core classes, which include Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology, and World Language. Additionally, parents can be reimbursed or PACE will pay for expenses that are associated with elective classes. For example, a student in a gymnastics class could be reimbursed for lessons. Contact PACE for more details about reimbursable items.

How much is the student allotment?
Full Time – $2400
3 classes – $1800
2 classes – $1200
1 class – $600
Full Time – $2300
3 classes – $1725
2 classes – $1150
1 class – $575
Full Time – $2100
3 classes – $1575
2 classes – $1050
1 class – $525

Which expenses are not reimbursable?
For more information on reimbursable and non-reimbursable items, please contact PACE.  Payment by public schools for religious materials is not permitted.

Does PACE provide services for special education students?
We have a full-time special education teacher on staff for coordinating services, collaborating with families, and ensuring that PACE is in compliance with IDEA and ADA.