Good afternoon, PACE Families.
I hope this email finds you all well. PACE staff continue to work from their homes. Please call our office lines as they are forwarded to us. If you leave a message, keep in mind that when staff return your call it will not show as a PACE number. You can also reach us by email.
Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the financial difficulties that may arise, PACE will allow internet reimbursement above the $600 maximum until the end of June 2020 or until the student allotment balance is zero, whichever comes first.
As many of you have heard from your contact teacher, report cards will start being emailed beginning next Monday, April 13th.  Please reach out to your contact teacher if you need assistance or if you need more time due to our current situation.  We are happy to work with you so please be sure to communicate with us.
I hope you and your families all stay healthy and happy.
Mollie Harings| Principal